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Welcome agus fáilte! I'm Dione, an Irish wildlife and landscape painter working mainly in oils. 


Art has been part of every stage of my life. With a varied background in publishing, banking and silversmithing, the decision to pursue my art practice full-time was the best career move I ever made.


My inspiration for painting, and a big part of my life, is my love of animals and interest in sustainability and the environment. I'm fascinated by the nuances of light and how they can dramatically alter the mood, colour and impact of a subject. Put these together, and you have my every-day working inspirations.


Whether it's a sea of ox-eye daisies glowing in evening sunlight or a fox, stopped in its tracks in front of me - I try to capture these moments, the light and the shadows, through the gorgeous, colour-rich medium of oil paint.


About Me

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